A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An Arcade Puzzle game for the Ludum Dare #42 (Running out of Space!)

Push and pull blocks, arrange them in groups of three of the same color to reduce them, but be careful; two of the same color stick together and can't be moved!

There are two modes; Arcade for those looking for either shorter time sessions, or a bigger challenge; Puzzle for those who like to take their time, or those who wish to practice.

Made with Löve.


Web Version!

Don't want to download it? no worries, you can PLAY IT HERE!

It's not quite as good as the desktop version though; think of it as a trial version, if you enjoyed it for the gameplay or the music, you might want to grab the desktop version, imo it feels and sounds much better.

Also be warned that I haven't actually tested it in all browsers, and only getting it to sort of work for Chrome was already way too hard (3, 4 hours?). You might need to clear the cache..?

Mac Version!

Tested by my sister, so it should work. Thanks sister! 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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TagsArcade, Ludum Dare 42
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Source Code / Löve executable (Linux, Windows, Mac) 3 MB
Windows 6 MB
Mac OSX 9 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download, unzip, execute!

Mac: Download, unzip, execute!

Linux / Mac fallback: Get Löve, download "Love Executable/Source Code" then:

love spaceabon.love

WebHere . Not up-to-par with the desktop versions; the sounds are messed up, not performant, might not work on all browsers, might need to clear cache, etc.

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